Our Story

We're just two guys in Ohio who love fishing.  We also happen to be engineers who love to make things.

One day, Scott was fishing on his kayak and wished he had more lures to choose from his travel tackle box.  And then the idea struck him (probably with the help of a few beers)... "What if the lips were interchangeable?  Then I could have 3-lures-in-1."

Scott called Jack (friend and patent attorney).  Together, we engineered several prototypes.  We learned a lot.  And then we thought to add removable rattle balls inside the lure body.  Next, we inserted a liquid scent to create an underwater scent trail.  Something impossible with other lures today.  With the additional choices of rattle and scent, we now had 12-lures-in-1.

We showed our fishing buddies and they insisted that we make some for them.  Soon after, we decide to create our new company, The Lock-n-Load Fishing Company.  We thought the name was catchy and also descriptive of our locking feature for our lips.  

If you're nuts about fishing, and catching more fish than your buddies, then you're one of us.  And you're really gonna love these lures!